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Outsourcing Your Marketing Department

For professional service firms unfamiliar with marketing, the thought of investing in marketing can be daunting. There are puzzling questions about what to do and how to do it.  Luckily, clarity and confidence about marketing are within reach.

While Miri can’t propose the exact right mix of marketing tools for your company right now until we sit down and discuss your business goals, we’re confident we have the tools to do the job.

Outsourcing your marketing function to Miri can be the most strategically sound and economically effective course for your company to pursue. Below we highlight some of the different marketing concepts and activities we can discuss and provide you with.

Strategic Marketing

Miri Branding helps client’s develop and execute strategic marketing plans that create immediate impact in their markets. Your strategic marketing plans will increase profits and sales as well as provide you with the blueprints for long term and sustainable growth.

Miri Branding will help:

  • Navigate your focus and direction with data driven research that allows for quick and efficient decision making
  • Define ideal target audiences with clear demographics
  • Create your value positioning to help your customers differentiate your business from other competitors.
  • Pragmatic approach to marketing tools and resources that wil save you time and money wil at the same time attract the right customers and move the needle towards your business goals.
  • Your marketing plan will create consistency with all of your communication platforms such as your web and sales materials.
  • Create brand loyalty and increase you profits and sales


You can use the term “reputation building” to quickly describe what we mean by branding. As you approach branding, you simply want to discover your reputation in the market and identify how can you enhance, change, or build your reputation. Are you reliable or mistake prone? Economical or over-priced? Easy to work with or a pain in the neck?

Some of steps we can help you with to build your brand include:

  • Using research to accurately identify and define your current brand
    As appropriate, update imagery and presentation to fit your desired brand
  • Employ imagery and programs to help create a consistent brand across all customer touchpoints (brochure, web, invoice, email, shows, proposals)
  • Handle all Public Relations and Social Media


Learn More about Miri’s Comprehensive Branding that will create a strong brand experience for your business, customers, shareholders, and employees.

Sales Material

Brochures don’t sell equipment, professionals sell equipment. But a good brochure never hurt. In fact, salespeople want something high quality to share and feel confident in what they are selling.

You can help guide us as we created the following kinds of sales materials

  • Brochures
  • Proposal Design
  • Case Studies
  • Presentation Design


Planning and orchestrating events is an important and necessary exercise, but not the best use of your professional skills and time. Let us help create better events with our strengths that will allow you to deliver better products and services for new and current customers.

You can tap our expertise to get the best results with

  • Tradeshows (we can do design, logistics, booth training, lead handling)
  • Paper Presentations (tips on presentation design and delivery)

Digital Marketing

Even in industries where relationships ultimately win business, customers are increasingly turning to their computers to gather, store, share and request information. Companies need to present well in every digital aspect.

Miri can handle the following on your behalf.

  • Website design, SEO strategies and execution, analytics review
  • Marketing Automation (suggest HubSpot with its free CRM!)
  • Asset Management (properly tracking and cataloguing photos, images, all marketing assets)
  • Videos – promotional and How-To
  • Online ad targeting as appropriate

Rep Relations

Reps have choices on where to spend their time. Companies who make interactions with their reps more positive and efficient can boost loyalty and commitment.

You may want expert help for

  • Rep Meetings
  • Monthly Rep Communications/Newsletter
  • Rep Portal, as applicable
  • Rep Sales Tools and Materials

Internal Communications

Getting the market to buy off on your brand starts with getting employees on the same page. When employees believe in the brand, understand clearly the companies goals and objective, and see how they are an integral part of the company your business will boom and customers will feel and see the difference .

As professional communicators, we can help you

  • Build internal programs and themes to communicate the company’s goals
  • Lead or facilitate internal retreat meetings and strategy sessions
  • Create representative imagery on your campus that builds confidence in company direction

Customer Experience Program

To create long-term success, a company needs to think about the long-term relationships it has with key customers and referrals. You can run your customer communications and satisfaction programs with an eye towards building long-term loyalty and preference for your brand over your competitors

  • Mapping Your Customer Journey
  • Doing Customer Satisfaction Surveys
  • Customer Retention Programs and Incentives