Put your best foot forward to your target audience with Miri’s brand creation and management services.

Your brand identity is much more than a name and logo. It’s how your business is perceived by customers, and a well-built brand will increase profitability, productivity, market position, and brand awareness. Miri Branding can help you build a brand identity that will set you apart from the competition.


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What comes with a Miri Brand Identity Package?

     DISCOVERY SESSION: We begin with a discovery session, where we dig deep to understand your company’s history, challenges, competition, audience, positioning, and market opportunities. All of this will help us discover your brand strategy, which will guide us as we create your brand identity.

      BRAND EVALUATION:   If your brand has a history, we can conduct a brand evaluation to learn more about the perceptions associated with it. This helps your company see where you’re positioned in the market, how you compare to competitors, how effective your communications are, and opportunities that might exist to increase productivity and profitability.

      RESEARCH: Understanding where to look and how to find the right tone for a brand is something that we do well. Research is critical in finding the best visuals, messaging, positioning, and differentiating yourself from competitors. Can include focal groups and brand awareness surveys.

      BRAND CREATION: A strong brand will hit all the right emotional tones, and we do this by finding the right typeface, colors, and symbol to represent your brand. This process includes ideation, client feedback on proposals, and in some cases focal groups.

      BRAND STYLE GUIDE: A style guide is a must-have to keep your brand identity consistent among employees, vendors, and company officers. Includes suggested typography for communications materials.



Miri Branding has great tools at our disposal to help you define your markets, leverage your products and brand, and create a user experience that will be memorable. Below are some of our specialties that will take your comany to the next level. 

  • Marketing and brand consulting

  • Strategic communications

  • Messaging and communications evaluation & creation

  • Market research and evaluation

  • Implementation and training

  • Helpful tools and activities

  • Copywriting and copyediting

  • Message architect



Logo Design and Brand Identity

Your logo should signify who you are, who your customers connect with, and who your employees strive to be. Your logo has power to help your brand tell the story that resonates with your audience. 



Web Layout and Design


Have a great idea and need a creative team to help push your product forward? Miri would love to help with the creative process and can help with ideation and design mockups of your products.



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Other Work