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Comprehensive Brand Development for Your Company.

Miri is big on branding. It’s part of our name. Being able to tell your story and sharing your brand vision is how you connect to the right people. Having a strong brand not only creates a great experience for your customers but also helps generate revenue for your company. Here is how Miri approaches branding.

Developing Your Brand Story:

Describes who you are, what you’re all about (playful, serious, visionary, pragmatic, efficient) and why you do what you do in order to generate an emotional connection with employees and customers. Deliverable is an “About Us” type description and a Company Fact Sheet.

Creating a Solid Mission Statement and Values that Resonate:

A formal summary of the aims and values of your company will be the means to communicate your goals and vision both internally and externally. When people see and share your vision they will be excited to participate and will faithfully share the cause.

Miri – Create. Inspire. Live. 

A Great Brand Mantra:

The essence of your story and personality summarized in three words to help guide decisions on how to do business and how to promote yourself.

 Nike = Authentic Athletic Performance.
Disney = Fun Family Entertainment

Brand Messaging:

Create the key messages you plan to promote so effectively that your clients will be able to quickly define you to your other prospective clients exactly as you want.

Honda = Reliability
Scouts = Prepared, Earnest

Brand Identity:

Developing the brand visuals and elements that convey the essence of your brand to your key audiences. This include creating a style guide that helps keep all aspects of your design consistent and easy to reproduce. Includes selecting color scheme, defines elements of graphics and photography.

Logo Design

Logos are usually the first thing people think of when it comes to brands. And for good reasons, developing a strong brand mark is how other separate your live stock from others. Their is much more to that mark as well in your clients eyes. Your logo is the place mark for all of their experience, emotions, and identification of the brand they love.

We save design your logo for last. We do this because after all of our thorough investigation and understanding of your brand, we now can see what mark and typography captures your brand the best.

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